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Youth ARE the future of the llama industry!

Welcome to the youth page of the Iowa Llama Association. Please refer to this page for important information regarding our youth members and opportunities especially for them.

Llama Royalty
Each year the Iowa Llama Association (ILA) recognizes several youth who are very active in the llama industry to represent the ILA around the state of Iowa at any/all llama related events. Royalty selectees are expected to attend the 4 main Iowa shows each year and to always wear their royalty garments when representing the ILA. Royalty may be made up of as many as 1 Queen, 1 Master Herdsman, 3 Princesses and 3 Junior Herdsmen.

Our Llama Royalty dates of reign have changed. New royalty will be installed at the Heartland Llama Show each April and will reign until the following year's Heartland Llama Show. Applications for the next royalty year may be submitted between January 1st and March 31st.

There are other important changes to the royalty requirements you must agree to BEFORE you apply.

Please review the requirements included on the application to the right. You can access the application in either PDF or Microsoft Word format.

If you need the application in some other format, please let the web master know (see Home page contacts) and they can send you a copy in your format.


Statewide Youth Show

The Statewide Youth Show IS BACK!!!  Saturday, June 30th is the date of the rebirth of a really fun show.  Andrea Johnson has worked her tail off to get this show back up and running.  We may have as many as 44 youth attending this year.  If you are able to donate to a very worthy llama show, this one could use your help.

See you at the Grundy County Fairgrounds!

Each year, the Iowa Llama Association will hand out one (1) or more scholarships to graduating seniors who are family members of an Iowa Llama Association member. The number and amount of the scholarships awarded will be determined by the scholarship committee based on the number of deserving applicants and the available funds in the scholarship fund.

The application can be found in the "Important Forms" section of this page.

Applications must be postmarked by: April 15th of the applicants senior year of high school.

From Left to Right:

Queen: Andrea Johnson

Princess: Carrisa Gerwig

Youth Information

Scholarship recipients

2017 Royalty